Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Teacher

One of my friends came over last nite - she does a bit of scrapbooking but never any rubber stamping.  Now I have never really taught anyone how to stamp - so that was fun.

We flipped through a few magazines for ideas as she wanted to make her Mother a Mothers day card.   She picked blues (her Moms fav colour)  and birds.

We used a Magenta stamp.  Embossed it with copper.  Then layered onto cardstock.

Turned out quite nice.

Think I may have gotten someone else hooking on Stamping - YIPEE.......


  1. That's a brilliant card, Darlene - and especially for a beginner! Fancy you leading someone down the rocky road to spending all her money on stamps, he, he - not sure if we should be warning people off or encouraging them at the moment - am in the middle of a craft room redesign and how much stuff have I accumulated over the last 13 or 14 years?????

    1. hahahaa yes Cath - I remember the dayz when I got led down that road !!!! The accumulated stuff is crazy - between the purchases / prezzies / winnings -builds up fast.