Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love Bug.......

Well, heading out to Moose Jaw in a few days and guess what !!!  My daughter calls and says 'Hey Mom, I need a card for a wedding I am going to.  And by the way it has to have ladybugs on it !!"  Ladybugs !!! GEESH I don't own one ladybug stamp.....

So I printed these photos off the web (hope that was legal) - thought they were cute and depicted a 'couple'.    No names were on them to give credit to the photographer.   I covered the pictures with sugar beads, then used my Stampin Up 'Love' stamp.

Hope they have turned out to her liking.

(but then again they will have to do won't they)


  1. A very unusual wedding card - but I like it.
    xxx Hazel.

    1. apparently it is a second wedding and the girl getting married likes ladybugs. Go Figure.....LOL