Tuesday, December 24, 2013

and Merry Christmas to All

First I would like to thank those who have popped in to view my blogs this past year ! 

And then - best wishes for the New Year - Health and Happiness ....

thought I would share a few of the Christmas cards I received this year.

This one is a Diorama card from my SOTH (sister of the heart) Dot !   We have been card/blog buddies for a few years now !  Have never met ....but one day.....

This one is from my buddy Nicki - who lives in Switzerland.  We were lucky to have the opportunity to meet one year in Mexico !  that was awesome !

This one from Lynne, whos artwork never ceases to amaze me !  I consider myself so lucky to have her as a card / blog friend. 

and...from my friend Randi - down in Washington State.....very pretty card!


  1. How I love these adorable and stunning cards! Thanks for sharing. Here's my new year wishes for you: wishing you to have prosperous new year, filled with new hope and new courage.

    xoxox Marilyn @

  2. Beautiful cards! I like the new year messages and wishes written on them. I've never been so amazed with those personalized cards until now. Cheers to you on new year 2014!

    Sandra Cooper xxxx