Wednesday, February 22, 2017

WOYWW #403

GOOD MORNING !!!!   Well I am being bad today and skipping going to the gym !!!  Instead think I will hang in my craft room today.

Right now this is whats going on for WOYWW.

Some butterflies with the diaper wipe technique - going to make about a dozen of them for a card swap coming up.  In the background playing with some Bokah techique ... just have to decide how to decorate up.

next.... my Journal desk.  

Not happy with the left side page so will be putting some gesso on it to re-charge my thought process.

and finally - Miss Sadie who has been sick this week with swollen gland.  

So stop over at Stamping Ground to check out all the other projects going on out there in craftland !!!


  1. Hi Darlene, great photos of all your work in progress! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XXX

  2. desk hopping is much better than the gym! great desk, love the journal page! hope Sadie is better soon, she's so cute. thanks for the visit. Helen #1

  3. Hi Darlene. Lots going on in your workspace today. The diaper wipe technique?? Don't think I know what that is...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  4. Card images look fun - that sounds like an interesting technique. Hope Miss Sadie feels better soon.

    Sharon K #31

  5. I've tried the baby wipe technique before and it's so pretty. Your butterflies look great and so does your journal pages. Love the colors. Dorlene #39

  6. Hope your furry friend is feeling better soon. Gym or crafting - is that really a choice? Happy belated WOYWW Sarah #23

  7. Well, isn't journal making all about embracing the likes and don't likes? I'm rubbish at revisiting stuff, so possibly I made this up!! Love the butterflies, and thanks for the reminder about bokeh, it really is a nice technique isn't it.

  8. Poor Sadie, hope she feels better soon! Your journal looks you have been having a lot of fun! Too bad about the left page, to me it looks fine, but we all have our likes and dislikes! The butterflies look intriguing! I don't know what Bokeh is! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #37

  9. Hi Darlene,
    Oh, I hope Sadie recovers from her swollen gland. Bless her little heart!!

    The butterflies look really pretty. You'll have to share the finished cards with us! As for journaling, I want to dive in and get started!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (35)

  10. oh no hope Sadie is feeling better very soon. The background card looks very interesting would make a fab background for balloons or fish. Tracy #15