Sunday, June 6, 2021

Waterfall card - Ink Art Designs..

 Whoo hoo 

Well I love playing with different folds etc.

So today I tried the Waterfall card for the first time.

So much fun...

Stamps from Ink Art Designs

made by Katzelkraft worked out great.

So I embossed the images - coloured them in - then

inked around the edges.  With my layering I roughed

up the edges...give the card a bit more character.

Then as you slowly pull the tab - its like a little

flip chart - so cool....

Be sure to stop over at Ink Art Designs blog

for more ideas from the rest of the

design team !!!



  1. Hi Darlene, I loved watching the video, it really shows the waterfall card off in all it's glory. Thanks so much for doing that, the waterfall card looks fantastic.
    Dot x
    Ink Art Designs

  2. It's a while since I did a waterfall card, thanks for reminding me of them. Yours is simply fabulous - those little images work so well and are the cutest little things in a while. Noticed them first on Nicki's card and liked them then. What fab characters and what a fab card.
    Hugs, Neet xx

    1. thx Neet - I luv the Katzelkraft stamps. I remember years ago Dot sent me a waterfall card...never made one til now. lol.

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