Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Invitations

1200 Cut Pieces of Paper
1500 Stamped Images
100 Wedding invites taped together
= one Helluva Wedding coming up !
Well here are some of the pics from my weekend in Portland Oregon with my BFF Sandi. She had me working so hard ! But the end result is awesome.


  1. All your work was worth it Darlene they are lovely

  2. They look fab, Darlene - I have the words stamp and I love the grasses :) Bet you had LOTS of fun!

  3. aw, poor thing, working so hard - LOL, I think I saw the wine glass out a few times girlfriend,,,,,I so enjoyed the weekend, thanks for coming down and letting me contribute to Sarah's wedding plans. It was a blast all the way around, although, after 1200 cuts, I dreading the next 10 sets of cards I'm about to cut out, my cutting arm is a little tired, but it's a happy tired.