Saturday, March 6, 2010

Viva Las

So Many Stamps - So Little Time !!!
OMG - if you are looking for it - it's probably here - somewhere.
My DH came with me - poor soul -as there were no shops around for him to walk through, no slot machines to play with. So he was very patient.
PS - I did stay within my spending limit - believe it or not


  1. Lucky you, Darlene! It was the best bit of our Las Vegas trip and I spent over half a day there but it was helped by Wayne the owner, who is Canadian, talking to my DH about English politics etc., and giving us drinks. I thought I'd died and gone to Stamp Heaven. My pics are in the KCUK photos. I love that he has a magnifier, a lamp and a mirror to help see what the UM images are!

  2. OMG Darlene, what a treasure trove. How were you able to stay within your budget???

  3. You lucky girl, hope you did (not) buy any naughty ones. Bet you enjoyed yourself

  4. What - Me - get a naughty one .........probably the only reason I stayed within budges was because my DH was with me (and probably bored) so I power shopped. I did look at their website before I left so sorta knew what I wanted.

  5. O, and this is not even pictures of all the isles in the store !!! Didn't want to have all you stampers drooling on my blog......