Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dirty Monkey

Made this card awhile back for my Son's 25th Birthday - Can't believe he is that old and I am so young !!
The image I purchased at Viva Las Vegas (of course) and as the story son has a 'few' tattoos and this design is actually by a man by the name of Sailor Jerry, my son loves this guys images. Most people have heard of Ed Hardy - well apparently he apprenticed with Sailor Jerry who lived in Hawaii. Sailor Jerry and Ed went out one nite for a bit of a party - when they got back to the studio Sailor Jerrys pet monkey had made a huge mess. All the inks were spilled, stuff thrown around. So he took his beloved monkey and tattooed ALOHA on his butt. So the storey goes.......


  1. Knew soon as I seen that Darlene where it was from. I have it but never been brave ehough to use it yet, you did a great job

  2. Love it Darlene but your spending too much time keeping company with Dot.....its rubbing off on you, lol, x