Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Life is about who you Love"

As most of you know by now my daughter is getting married in August. Well I have just finished this card for her and our almost SIL. Picture of my Mom and Dad (he was born in Newcastle girls) on their wedding day in May 3rd 1947 at 2 PM - apparently it rained all morning but sun came out for the afternoon wedding. ( I also added the original pic for all to see). My DD is using that very cake topper for her wedding - how many years later.
The above saying on the subject line is the quote I will put on the inside of the card.
Can't wait - barely a month away.....


  1. Love the card Darlene. Hope you have a lovely day, x

  2. What a special keepsake and such a lovely idea for a wedding card. I hope the day is perfect....
    Lv Jo x

  3. Awe Darlene that is lovely, what a smashing thing to do