Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year !!!!

Would like to wish everyone all the best for 2012 !!! And thanks so much for your support and comments on my blog this past year.

I have been so lucky to connect with so many crafty friends this year.

Highlights of the year -
Meeting Nicki and her husband from Switzerland in the Baja !!!! (still can taste those blueberry Mojitos)

Having one of my cards finally published in Stampers Sampler on the same page layout with Lynne !!!! (was so excited I am sure the neighbours heard me screaming )

Having the best SOTH (Sister of the Heart) - Dot, she has sent me so many beautiful cards, and new stamps and all sorts of odds and sods to play with !!! (one could not have asked for a better partner in this craft world)

And recently, getting my own space to craft in !!! I may not come out for dayz!!!!

Last but not least - all the cards sent to my Mother for her 85th birthday !!! She received over 35 cards from all around the world - it was amazing !!!!!

May all of you have a happy - healthy - New Year....and of course all the crafting you can fit into your busy lives !!!

(PS - new year fairy downloaded from - )


  1. Thanks Darlene, and a very happy new year to you. Funnily enough I was only looking at that New Year fairy image a few moments ago - she's beautiful

  2. Your credit does you credit! Thanks so very much for sharing a link to Plush Possum with your visitors here.
    We really appreciate the distinction.
    Peace & Blessings in 2012
    Rose & Co

    I recognise that image LOL.
    Funny how one of your highlights is also one of my own. To share the same page as you in Sampler was amazing. We need to make sure that happens in 2012, 2013 and so on!!!
    I am sure you and Nicki will make plans to meet up sometime, somewhere, it will happen and also you and Dot.
    Warmest Wishes to you

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  5. Happy new year from me too even though it is late.