Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Candy has arrived !!!

 Well I have been MIA this past week as I have been fighting with this brutal bronchitis !!! OMG it has been horrid - have literally done nothing this week except lay on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

Today was a the booster shot I needed - got my blog candy I won from Yvonne at

and WOW what a pile of stuff - I did not expect so much !!!!!

Now funny thing is there were two cards in there for me and one for Sarah???  And keeping  it funny is that is my daughters name, but pretty sure
the card is not meant for her LOL

Anyway - check out Yvonnes blog - she does fantastic work !   AND Yvonne - if you are reading this - thanks again, and let me know where to send Sarahs card.......


  1. You are so welcome Darlene! Sure hope you feel better soon. Would you mind sending the card back to me? I am drawing a total blank! Take care, Yvonne

  2. Amazing candy.
    Once you get better, have fun and remember and share the artwork you create with Yvonne's goodies.

  3. Wow what a nice bag of goodies Darlene I am sure it will of cheered you up. Hope you are feeling better pet

  4. Hi Darlene! Hope you are feeling much better. Thanks for returning "Sarah's" card. As I suspected, it was not mine! But I do think I know what happened. When I took your box of goodies to the post office, the postal worker instructed me to remove everything from the box, select a mailing envelope and repack the items. I think the "Sarah" card was already in the envelope (someone decided the envelope was too small or too large and transferred the contents, minus the card, to another envelope.) Or, the card was laying on the counter and I scooped it up by mistake! Sarah did not get her birthday card this year...what are the chances?

    1. LOL o my that is a funny story !!! but glad the mystery is 'sort of' solved