Monday, July 2, 2012


Picked up this stamp when I was in Vernon a couple of weeks ago at the Forget Me Knot Scrapbooking store.  (great store if you have never been !!!)

The stamp is made by Art Impressions - and just luv these ladies.  Reminds me of - Sandi with the Martini - Randi with the hat on, thats me in the green bathing suit- probably with a gin and tonic in my hand - and of course - Shelaugh with the brellie in her drink.

Time for a get together !!!!


  1. Have to say...we are a gorgeous bunch!!! We must get together when I get back from S.L.C. Fun card you created!!!Hugs Shelagh

  2. ROFLOL, way to cute girlfriend, you are right, lets plan something! It's been way to long!...Of course Shelagh and I will have to rest up a bit when we return from Stampin UP Convention, LOL, and it's red wine, not martini's my dear!...LOL Dr. Oz says it's good for me, and I always do what the good DR. tells me to do!..

  3. Great portrait of you and your friends!!!


  4. He, he - such a great image conjured by this - love the stamp, it's fab! Great work, Darlene x

  5. ROFL!!!!
    are those mojitos?!!!!