Monday, July 23, 2012

Going Home

Well I have been in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan all week with my daughter.  It has been a great time.  I was here for the Saskatchewan Festival of Words (ck out link on my sidebar) and met some fantastic people.
But also had time to toodle around.  The first picture was an amazing display in the park !  It was a little surreal walking into this park and Quilts were hanging off trees everywhere.  This is just one of many pics I took of those quilts waving in the sunshine.
 This lonely cow picture was taken on a day that we went for a drive towards Lumsden and back.  That was an adventure in itself as we ended up covered in TICS !!! OMG

 This is my daughter checking out one of her bee hives.  (thats her Dad with her).  She has taken this hobby up the last couple of years and loving it.  And yes, Mom does get some of that sweet stuff !!!  She has named her bee company 'Charlee Honey'.  That is her aunts name (yes for real).  O, and by the way - The bees decided they didn't like me and chased me around. It was like a scene from a comedy movie - and yes I got one sting on the top of my head.

Final picture is of me on one of the dirt roads with a field of Canola in bloom.

It is pretty country if you have never been.


  1. Great photo's Darlene, sounds like you had a brill time apart from the sting and tics hate those things, my dogs often got them if we went to a show and they are awful to get off them

  2. Looks lovely, DArlene and what an interesting hobby! Great photos :-) xxx

  3. I wish you had video of the bee incident!!!! Okay, I know we shouldn't laugh but it does sound funny.
    Great photos Dar.