Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well not much going on with my desk.  Going on holidays in a few so no projects started.

I have my stuff I got from my SOTH (sister of the Heart) that just arrived yesterday.  Then I am showing my other table beside me which is piled with all sorts of things...

Yep - can get to be quite the mess LOL.


  1. I'm loving seeing all that colorful stuff along with the doilies. Please share a photo later of what you created with your stash! dix---

  2. A nice pile of treat on your desk! I'm sure you'll have fun with it all.
    love Jo x

  3. I hope you have a lovely holiday and will come back to WOYWW when you get back
    Ria #92

  4. have a super holiday and looking forward to see what you create when you get back fab bits on the desk is that doilie a massive stamp? !!! if it is WOW if it isn't its still super cool, until next time have fun Andrea#6