Friday, October 14, 2016


Good day my crafty friends - hope you are getting into the Halloween mood .....I know we are over at Lost Coast.....bhbhahahahaha (thats my evil laugh...) 

My project is being featured over at Lost Coast - don't forget to visit - and check out the 31 days of Halloween blog hop.

Today I am sharing my make of a Catrina.  Using a Skeleton base and stamping the material with my images.  Will share a few photos here to give you an idea of how I built it up.

First, since I was making a woman - needed to give her a bit of a chest...

Adding her hair was fun.  I picked up a small doll at the dollar store for a dollar (go figure) and cut her hair all off and glued onto my Skeleton.  Then the veil and some flowers. 

The stamped skirt I did in strips then placed sheer material over that.  Give her a ghostie feeling.

Stamps used were the Skull Crown for the top - Raven with tree branches and crow border for the skirt.

Then the end result...

Now my daughter wants this to add to her Halloween decorations !!!

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  1. Outstanding Halloween spookiness - take a bow Darlene.
    Lynne x