Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Well it has been awhile since I posted on WOYWW !!  

This is my desk right now.....playing with some alcohol inks...with rubbing alcohol and my stencil.   

and for those wondering - yes that is a bottle of gin on the left side LOL.  It is a gift for someone....not for me while I am crafting ( that comes after heheheee)

to the front here is a quilt I brought up from the crawl space - my sister made it for me years ago ...just had to do a couple of minor fixes and ready to use again.

Then here is a closer look at what I was doing with the inks ...

So come check out some other guests over at Stamping Ground sharing their desks today...

and thanks for popping by....

now ,,,,for a taste of that gin....


  1. Happy Anniversary!! thanks for reminding me about that alcohol ink produces some wonderful results.
    Also, please send me your address to, and I will get your ATC out today!
    -K #39 or 40...for now!

  2. Hi Darlene, love the stencil! The gin made me smile, I have a bottle in my craft room- a tip from a friend, who makes her own colour sprays using Distress refills and gin. It evaporates really quickly, so no waiting for stuff to dry. I've heard vodka works the same too. I admit to being a fellow G&T drinker :). Have a lovely week, Love & Hugs, Shaz #7 XxX

  3. I love that Donna stencil, I use it quite a lot. G&T is my tipple too, with lots of ice and a slice of lime... got me wanting some now, and I am out of tonic.. and lime! Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  4. You've made your alcohol inks look like fabric batik! lovely!
    Happy 8th
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden #50

  5. Clever, clever, clever... love how you've used the inks :)
    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    Bubbles #36

  6. Love the stencils. I've dug mine out and have been using them with embossing powder and distress inks. I've been having a lot of fun making backgrounds.

    Happy WOYWW anniversary
    Sharon K #37

  7. Hi Darlene, Happy 8th WOYWW anniversary! We are so lucky to be part of such a friendly and caring community as WOYWW and may it continue indefinitely too! The stencil is lovely and as you said you were using rubbing alcohol I just sort of assumed that you were using the contents of the gin bottle - silly me! Your finished piece is lovely. Looks like you will be sending me an ATC so I'll email you with my address soon. Have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #45/46

  8. Yeah, we believe that the gin is a present for someone, lolol!!! I was rather impressed, most people have tea or coffee :-D I have no idea what rubbing alcohol is or what it's used for (not a paper crafter you see) but you seem to be having a good time!
    Happy 8th anniversary,
    Hugs, LLJ 9 xxx

  9. Hi Darlene - trust the gin tasted as good as you hoped:-) Happy 8th WOYWW anniversary. Great picture of your efforts - well done.
    Take care God bless.
    Margaret #5

  10. I don't think I ever would have thought to use stencils with AI's because the drying so fast so this was a very fun post for me to come across this afternoon :) ~Stacy #42

  11. Although I couldn't see the front, I did appreciate the beauty and sewing of that quilt. It's great that you have brought it back out to use.

    I find AIs are very expensive, so I make faux AIs using Staz-on reinkers and rubbing alcohol. I don't have many stencils, but I sure love yours. That's a really clever idea using those awesome stencils.

    Sorry I'm late in visiting. I had a commitment today, so had to be away from the computer. Happy 8th Anniversary from # 1.

  12. Did you know...(fun fact!)...gin can be used to transfer printing? LOL! My friend and I tried it out once!Love your circles stencil - must get me one! Happy 8th WOYWW anniversary! Lindart #51

  13. Looks like you're having fun with the inks and stencils. So awesome! Dorlene #49

  14. I hope your friend liked the bottle of gin and I can't believe Lindarw has already tried transfer printing with Gin. Amazing what techniques people will try. Have a lovely week,
    sandra de @28

  15. Great alcohol ink and stencil work. What make is that top bubble stencil? I can't quite make it out and it's fabulous. Hope your friend liked the gin! Sarah #27

    1. Hi Sarah - the stencil is from Donna Downey -
      thx for stopping by.

  16. Sorry I'm on catch-up it's just been a busy week. Looks like you have some great projects on the go this week. Happy woyww anniversary. Have a great weekend, Angela x17x

  17. Liking your inkiness Darlene. Did you see on my blog a week or so ago the photo of me with Dot? Was up there for a few days and popped in to see her.
    Love that circle stencil - off to see if I have got it - oh heck - cannot remember which room big stencils are in - must remember for later - like in weeks. LOL
    Thanks for visiting me and Happy 8th Anniversary - Hugs, Neet xx 12