Friday, June 8, 2018

Iris folding

Took me a few trys to get what I wanted with this design....the back two are the first....the keeper (aka the one I will use as birthday card) is the center one.

Just couldn't get my colour combo right....

Embossed background 'after' I cut out image. (lesson learned previously lol) 

So I just put one colour for the arm of the guitar...and used gold string for the frets.  Turned out wwwaayyyy better.

Anyway - birthday card for a September birthday ready to go.

Thanks for stopping by today !!


  1. They are all really fabulous and as I have a couple of those guitars for real I can see why you preffered the one with the paler neck. These will be graet esepcially for men - I always find them hard to make a card for.
    Gill x

    1. thank you so much for your comment. I know - it is so hard for a 'guy' card