Thursday, June 25, 2020

Rock On !!! - Ink Art Design team post !!

Welcome to my blog today!!

I am so excited to be sharing with you my latest project
for the Design Team for 

I used molded rock forms that were very flat on top.
painted them white - then stamped and painted from there.
All of these have been resined so they can go 
outside in the garden.

The first one is one of my fav stamps that you can get

This is Ignace...
have used him quite a few times this past year.
Just so easy to work with LOL....

The 'BRB" stamp is from Rubber Dance.
You can't see it but he does have some sparkle
on his eyelids...


Is this stamp from Art by Marlene
Chubby Chic 
Colours just popped on this one...
Sparkles on the stars...the circles 
behind her are from a set at Visable Image
called  Faerie Magic

Its great to incorporate different stamps
into your art work too....

Finally - the one I call
'Ode to Hazel'
My Daughter has an orange cat - with 3 legs.
Her nick name is the Devil cat...She is always
causing havoc...and yet can look so sweet.

This cat is from Lost Coast Designs
Very Smug looking hehehehee

The saying from the same set as before
at Rubber Dance.

Hope you enjoyed these - I sure had a blast
making them.

And yes of course - the Devil cat will get
her rock!!!

This is Hazel.....

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  1. hahaha Hazel is gorgeous, look how innocent she looks. I love these 'rocks' Darlene. They look amazing with the resin on top. What lovely surprises they would be when you come across them in your garden.
    Dot x
    Ink Art Designs, a great place to find great stamps