Wednesday, December 15, 2021

My Favourites

 Well - some of my favourites

Thought I would do a bit of a 

-year in review-

Starting with what I left off with last year 

is the Journals I had made for Christmas prezzies

Lots of mixed media - stencils - stamps .these were so much fun to make


A Memory box I made for my son - all four sides and inside with different stamps

Check out my blog post for April 29/21 for all the pics - won't be disappointed 

Really enjoyed working with just the tail on my 

Mermaid stamp - this one was my fav

Then I did another box

Used stamps from several different companies

to do this one

Then I did a wrap around card for

my Grandsons birthday

These stamps were ideal for this card

Then - last one I will share

were the postcards I made

Of course there were many others that I 

love and enjoyed making

these ones just stood out for me.

But - hey - if you like what you see -

checkout my blog to see more.

Thanks for stopping by !!!


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