Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Music Deco pages.....

WELL the theme for this set of deco pages is Music...it was worded..."Music...inspired by something you love".

I love to be able to sing (and yes. dance) to a song.  May not be a pretty sight....but life is too short not to enjoy a few moments once in awhile LOL.

so my first page...taken from Cindy Lauper song....stamps used for both pages is from Art Impressions.
 Like - who doesn't sing and dance to that !!!  I saw her in concert once ...she is fab !

the next one is based on an oldie....think all the oldies we can sing too.  At least we can understand the words....heheheheee
 I think this one is a self portrait.   

Sure hope she like my interpretation of Music as as the other pages sent to her were very different.

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  1. You have some fab work on here Darlene, have enjoyed looking through